Wichita Precision Tool, Inc.
5211 East Pawnee
Wichita, Kansas 67218
Welcome to Wichita Precision Tool, Inc. Website !

Wichita Precision Tool, Inc. Opened its doors in 2006 and has since
become one of the leaders in the cutting tool design and regrinding
business. With 15 years of the experience and craftsmanship, we
provide the highest quality and the best possible cutting tools for
your needs. At Wichita Precision Tool, our specialty is in high
precision CNC drill sharpening and manufacturing for the
Aerospace industry.

We use the premium grade tool steel or carbide to give you the
best tool and still keeping your cost per pieces as low as possible.

Our products and services are proven to reduce manufacturing
process time by eliminating the need for reaming holes to size. Our
surgically sharp edges will provide a longer drill life.

To meet the needs of consumers request, we has extensive
background and resources to engineer your tooling from concept or
sketch to an actual piece part print
For the most demanding customers and the best of all to give the
customer the fast service and quality products, we are challenged
to create and designed many complex tools for the seemingly
impossible features for each day.
Call us today at 316-686-5600 or send a request for Quote. We
would like the opportunity to review and give you the best quote any
tooling needs you might have.